[MV] Follow up to Plugging GPW oil filter

Bob Kelly (rkelly@firstunion-reit.com)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:27:37 -0400


Thanks to the massive level of response of useful information and helpful
opinion, I have decided that it will be best to find a new gasket for the
lid, as that continues to be a very slight problem despite proper seating
and tightness. I will probably take the approach that some filtration is
better than none and will try the restricted flow idea on the cannister
outlet line. As it is now, last night I spent a few hours with some Gunk
Engine Cleaner and Degreaser and the water hose and got about 95% of the
mess cleaned up. There is a very slight bit of seepage from the lid and I
will need to do something about that.

Can anyone tell me the proper part number to use when I go to the parts
store for at least the correct filter element? I belive the one that is in
there isn't right, as the seat on the center shaft doesn't seem to do
anything but support a spring that goes into the hole in the element without
really supporting anything. Also, someone mentioned a new seal/gasket is
provided wuith the replacement filter. By the way, my cannister lid does
indeed say "Standard Military Filter" or something to that effect.

Thank you all so much,

Bob Kelly

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