[MV] mil vehicle GPS and mounts FS

Jim (w7ls@blarg.net)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 21:22:52 -0700

Hi. I'm new to the list, and this is my first posting. I have a military
GPS made by Trimble and the vehicle mounting brackets to put it in
(probably) a Humvee. It was made in '90 or '92. I have the magnetic
mount outside antenna and all the cables, as well as all the books for
it, too. The GPS seems to work perfectly and has some neat features that
I haven't seen on commercial units.
You can see it by clicking on
Be sure to look at pages 2 and 3, for more pictures.
Want to see the military vehicle I just got? Click on:


It runs and is a very fun toy! Jim

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