[MV] M38 Engine

Frances/Steve Smith (smittysline@telis.org)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 21:51:38 -0700

Hi List,

I purchased an M38 awhile back that was suppose to be restored. (No I
did not go look at it 1st.) Body looks great but mechanically wise it's
a disaster. Besides missing a few pan bolts, timing gear cover bolts,
brake lite switch wires, jumps out of 2nd gear, bad carb and one of the
bolts to the fuel pump broken off in the block.(towards the front of
the engine.) Aside from these few problems, well!

After trying everything short of blasting to get the bolt out and making
a royal mess of it I'm ready to pull the engine and install a new one.
Most everyone I've talked too tells me I'll have to pull the engine
anyway to get the broken bolt damage repaired. So,,,,, if anyone knows
of where I can lay a hold of a new engine or rebuilt close to Northern
California, let me know. I can always use a spare after this one is
repaired,----- just in case.

Heck! anybody got a T90 tranny as well, that is in good shape they would
like to part with?

Please reply off list.

Steve S

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