[MV] FS:XM-722 dolly set

Jim (w7ls@blarg.net)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 23:06:24 -0700

Hi. I have a dolly set, model XM-722 that is surplus to my needs. It has
4 very good 8 ply tires and a spare on it. Condition is very good. It
has all the lights and brakes (air over hydrolic) on it. There are
hydrolic rams, pumps, and all manner of goodies on this dolly set. I'm
asking $500 and I'm located in Duvall, WA. Oh, it has steerable front
wheels. As the pintle tongue moves sideways, the front wheels steer to
follow it.
I can take some pictures of it, if interested. Jim

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