R: [MV] How to plug oil filter inlet on GPW??

Vittorio Argento (vargento@lcnet.it)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 09:27:02 +0200

Hi from Italy,
Bob, I blocked off the inlet about 8 years ago and I had no problem. I
must say that my engine has not the timing chain but the gear, a non
metallic gear, that I think can work without lubrification (remember that
the gear works - anyway - in a oily enviroment). Since that modification I
drove my jeep for about 15,000 miles without - I repeat - any problem and
checking the oil every week and changin it about two or three times. The
consumption is insignificant (1 litre in 5,000 miles). The oil is 10-W50

Vittorio Argento
MVPA 9868
1943 MB

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> Oggetto: [MV] How to plug oil filter inlet on GPW??
> Data: marted́ 12 ottobre 1999 15.33
> I have read in the All American Wonder Vol 1,

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