Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:03:38 +0200

Hello Listers,

The MVPA BOD seems to be in troubled water right
now, if one follows the postings on the list.

I would think that many list members are MVPA
affiliated or even members. Lets not forget that
we, the MVPA members, are passengers in the same
boat. If this boat is heading on a wrong course and
might hit the rocks and eventually sink, as the "officers"
on the bridge are ignorant and do not care for their crew
and passengers, we all might get shipwrecked. In such
a situation it might be difficult to survive in cold waters
and wait for rescue by another ship, that might never
come by. In the Navy I have been tought to stay as long
on board as possible, as it is the safest place, even if the
ship is in peril. You may be able to save it even, with some
effort. This, however, requires teamwork and in some case

So, a ship is in dangerous waters - any captain in such a
situation would ask a pilot for advice. Not to do so would be
stupid and lead to disaster. If no pilot from ashore is at
hand, there might be someone on board who can save
the ship and might even have the trust and support of the crew
and passengers...

If the ships command does not act to prevent the vessel
from being lost, then the crew has the duty to take over
command for the sake of saving the ship and men on board.

How can we, the MVPA members, do this ?

If there really is a deep disappointment among us, there
must be a way to get a motion going to address the problems
in a meeting between the (presently) acting BOD and some
members' representatives. I do not know the MVPA regulations
and by laws by heart, but the must be a provision for such
a situation.

Save the ship before it is lost. Not to renew membership is
not a way to effect changes within. It will maybe teach "them"
a lesson, but "you" are out then, and I doubt it will make
the BOD make think different. Many members are happy with
receiving the well done publications (ARMY MOTORS + SP)
and otherwise do not care much about anything else.
I am sure, the MVPA will survive if some decide to not renew
their membership - but that is not what we want, is it ?

So, think about how we can constructively find a solution and
start a dialogue with the "officers". There must be a way.

Think what you can do to improve the MVPA...

Lets save the ship, it is a fine vessel dispite the trouble.


I addressed the issue of the new directory and herewith
include an exchange of messages between me and the
MVPA HQ, which you may find interesting:


Dear MVPA HQ Staff,

Kindly onforward this message to the BOD, which please
confirm has been done. Thank you.


Dear Sirs,

I am deeply disappointed by the way the subject
of a new directory has been handeled and I am
of the opinnion that the 2000 Directory is only of
limited use to members.

My opinion is based on the following:

- A members directory is subject to
continious change. I am aware of the discussions
of the past in the BOD concerning this, but believe
that there is a solution to this problem within the
limit of funds available for the purpose

- Due to the fact that it will be a limited
edition only printed for the advance orderers,
new members, who need it most, will not
benifit and may well wait for several years to
be able to aquire a new one. This is contra
productive to the efforts to recruit new members !

- As much as the MVPA is an organisation
dedicated to its members, it is an organisation
concerning vehicles. If vehicle details are omitted,
and only limited information is given about the
individual member's "field of expertise", you are
ignoring a vital reason to have a directory, namely
be able to locate specific and individual vehicles
and their owner.

- I understand that the MVPA is primarily a US
association, however, its international members
worldwide are not only a few. Also, I believe that
the US members benefit from input of foreigners
as much as foreigners do from their fellow US
enthusiasts. The questionaire send out by the
publishers ignored the fact that addresses of non
US residents might have a different format and
thus leading to misunderstandings and faulty
contact details - this could have been easily

- the deadline for a reply to the publishers was
too short - especially for members outside the
US. I had only two days to reply !

My suggestions for the next Directory ( hopefully
not in 10 years time ! ) :

- make it a long lasting / valid one !

- use a kind of ring binder, so that changes
may be incorporated without the need to
publish the entire thing again with high cost
for binding, the cover and postage. The possible
higher expenses for a ring binder will only incurr
initially, later being followed by possibly less
expensive exchange sets / pages to be issued
and posted

- any exchange pages or amendments may
be posted together with SUPPLY LINE, like the
Convention Centerfolds or, in addition anounce
changes on-line for download by members.
If a subscriber to SP sees what an exchange page
of the directory looks like, you may get the person,
who did not care before, to consider buying the
Directory in the end

- after years of use, a strong ring binder will
look better and not so worn out than any big
volume soft cover edition

- one can follow the vehicles changing ownership

- why not incorporating a section with an index

- consider a version on CD-Rom in the future with
a search mode for people and vehicles

- faced with high cost for an outside company,
why not check if a member involved in publishing
could assist or offer a service at less cost for the
Association, throwing in his dedication to the MVPA
and maybe offer it on a cost only basis ?
- why ask the publishers to check again the members'
details, if the MVPA HQ has all the answers and
could easily cross-check the details when membership
renewal is due or through SUPPLY LINE anouncements ?
The response will be the same as if approached by
a third party, thus the arguments concerning the lack
of response does not count !

- if other organisations can do it along the above
lines, I do not understand why the MVPA can not do
it and claims it would cost too much or would be too
difficult to handle it this way.

I understand that the task of compiling and publishing
a directory is not an easy one. I also am aware of the
cost and time involved. I am sure the BOD has given it
much attention. But just because of this, I do not
understand why the outcome is so disappointing !

I did not and will not order the limited milennium
edition of the MVPA Directory as it does not contain
the information I need for my hobby, researching the
the history of MVs, maintaining and restoring them
and learn more about the vehicles in which I am
interested in by means of getting in contact
with an owner of just the one vehicle I am after !

Is that not just the purpose of the MVPA and is not the
Directory just the tool to be able to do this ?

I might be wrong, but I think you failed !

A dedicated supporter and fellow enthusiast,
Best regards,


Today, I have received the following reply:

October 14, 1999

TO: Lars-Uwe Rudek #14836
FROM: Kay Willard-Hinga, Association Manager

Dear Mr. Rudek,

Thank you for your membership directory suggestions. President, Lee Holland
approved their distribution to the entire Board. I will also keep a copy in
the Board Meeting/Directory file to reintroduce it to the Director at the
time they decide to publish another directory in a few years.

The Board of Directors elected to have Harris publish the 1999-2000
directory, because they came highly recommended by similar groups such as
American Motorcyclist Association, Antique Motorcycle Club of America and
Packards International Motor Car Club. In addition this project is at no cost
(or profit) to the
MVPA, all expenses are covered by the MVPA members that purchase the
directory. The Board has long operated under the guidelines that any special
project must pay for itself, that membership dues are to cover the cost of
Headquarters, it's staff, editing, printing and mailing of the publications.
This means that events such as the annual convention (about 20% of the
members attend) must pay for itself and the membership directory would fall
into that same category.

The MVPA published it's last in-house directory in 1992 at a loss of more
than $10,000. and this was with 50% volunteer labor. The printing alone was
$30,000 and less than 15% of the 5000 members purchased the 400 page $20
directory in the first year. To produce, in-house, a directory with the
current 8238 members
and detailed vehicle information the Board estimate the directory would have
to sell for at least $60. With the prospect of sales to just 15% of the
membership there would still be a financial risk to the MVPA's membership
funds, which is why the Board decided to go with Harris. Our hope is that at
least 15% of the membership support this current directory project (Harris
would be pleased with 10%) then at the next publishing the MVPA will have the
clout to request more vehicle detail be included and the price be lowered.

I am sorry to say we may never see a directory with the type of detail the
D-5 contained unless several volunteers would be willing to donate a year of
their time to develop a database then collect and record the information for


Kay Willard-Hinga
Association Manager

Lars-Uwe Rudek
MVPA # 14836
MVT # 8119
T.E.A.M. # 2
- 42 MB
- 42 BANTAM T 3
- 44 MB
- 44 GPW
- 45 GPW

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