Re: [MV] need ex-MoD Land Rover schematics

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Subject: [MV] need ex-MoD Land Rover schematics

>I just purchased a 1967 British military 109 and need to repair the damage
>done to the original wiring by the previous owners. I want to return it to
>parade condition and am at a loss as to how the Nato plug and caravan lights
>should be wired. I would go so far as to purchase NOS military wiring
>harnesses if I could find them.
The standard, large, multi-pin vehicle socket that has a rubber connector
carrier is wired thus, you may have to look very closely to see the contact
designations, possibly on the back face.

A - convoy light
B - stop lights
C - convoy light
D - ground
E - tail lights
F - not used
G - not used
H - convoy light
I - not used
J - stop lights
K - aux supply
L - not used
M - LH turn
N - RH turn

Stop lights are normally wired separately side to side for reliability.

(Southampton UK)

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