Re: [MV] M151a2 u-joint axle
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:01:49 -0400 (EDT)


The M151 U-joints are similar to a 2C Mechanics u-joint. But they are not interchangeable. I spent several hours going thru NEAPCO's interchange guides and the only thing I was able to find was that we quoted these u-joints to A. M. General back in the 70's. We did not get the job. I have not given up yet, but it's not looking good for a civilian equivalent. The next best option would be to change the end yokes and switch to a standard u-joint.

Dave Fillman
45 MB

---- you wrote:
> I have a universal joint going out in my m151a2s passenger side rear
> axle (the one closest to the differential). I have some take-off
> propeller shafts and I am going to use the u-joint off of one of them to
> replace it. I have two questions though. Is there a civilian equivalent
> u-joint that you can buy at a local auto parts store? Also, what are the
> differences in the front and rear propeller shafts? I can't tell a big
> difference between the two. Thanks all.
> bob klein

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