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> Ribbons and medals....I think it is appropriate to wear campaign
> ribbons that your soldier might have worn "back then". I am 45 years
> old. If I was a career soldier in 1940 at aged 45, what earlier
> campaigns would I have likely seen? I probably would have served
> during WWI and entitled to medals from the Great War. Maybe India.They
> would have been worn by a middle aged OR still serving the colours in
> 1940.
Well, trade badges as Jim suggests are perhaps appropriate in the correct rig
with a display vehicle but the answer to un-entitled ribbons and medals in the
UK is easy.

Its illegal.

You MAY wear ribbons and the miniature mess medals won by a deceased parent, on
the _right hand side_ of a jacket at appropriate functions, usually memorial
services. I took the easy route, all the mil effects of Major. H. M. Notton TD
(REME) was donated appropriately to the REME Museum at Arborfield.

(Southampton UK)

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