[MV] Gen. sets- won't start!

Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:59:36 EDT

A friend called today, he has a pair of 5KW gen. sets. on 3/4 ton trailer.
These have the 10 hp mil. standard engine ( 2AO42-III). He said he could not
get them to run or even fire. These are almost new units, well maintained,
clean, recent state surplus. He don't have an operators manual and it's hard
for me to tell from 80 mi. what could be wrong. He said he turned the switch
on and engines turned over, but never would start. Is there something he's
not doing (a switch overlooked, blown fuse, or something simple he's not
doing). I'm familiar with this engine, but only on mules. Anybody got any
tips on things to check? Thanks for any help!! What is the proper starting
Keith in TN.

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