[MV] Uniforms, etc.

Jaime A Ponce de Leon (jaimepdl@elp.rr.com)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:30:02 +0000

At an event such as this, when you are displaying your vehicle, and want to
wear the uniform of the person who might have operated one, would it not be
better (and more accurate) to wear the uniform of the type worn in combat,
I.E. fatigues? I mean, i do find it a bit odd to be showing off this vehicle
in full dress uniform, with colorful patches, etc. The best display would be
someone who wears the combat uniform, with a namestrip, and a (possibly low)
rank insignia, to show who would be really driving the vehicle.

My 20 pesos


CUCV, minus a pesky little worthless wire

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