Re: [MV] Yellow plate on front of ex-MoD?

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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 08:49:49 +0100

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Date: 15 October 1999 08:02
Subject: [MV] Yellow plate on front of ex-MoD?

>Does anybody know the significance of the yellow plate (about 8" across)
>affixed to the right hand front of the fender on my Land Rover? I've seen
>it on other military Land Rovers in pictures.
It's a bridging plate.

All UK MV's (at least) have them with a black number in the centre. There is a
sum to do which accounts for the vehicle weight and ground pressure to arrive at
the number, the army (civil) engineers rate bridges with a max load number and
so long as your vehicle carries the same or lower it is permissible to cross
and/or the MP in control will allow it.

I do not know what your LR would have shown, 2 or 3 possibly, someone on the
list will know; my FV623 carries 18.

(Southampton UK)

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