Re: [MV] Gen. sets- won't start!

jim gilmore (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:00:28 -0500

Kieth wrote:
>A friend called today, he has a pair of 5KW gen. sets. on 3/4 ton trailer.
>These have the 10 hp mil. standard engine ( 2AO42-III). He said he could not
>get them to run or even fire. ......... He don't have an operators manual
and it's hard
>for me to tell from 80 mi. what could be wrong.

I have operator, maintenance and part manuals for this gen set (and many
others) available. I would suggest he get the manuals before attempting to
use these units. It is easy to do damage to the generator if you don't
know how to set up and use the unit correctly. There is also a very good
TM on using gen sets entitled "Electric Generation in the Field" which
gives you all the data on siting, running and proper use technics.
A little reading now will save $$$$ later.

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