Re: [MV] M-35A2 starting question
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:43:33 EDT

I have 4 vehicles powered by the LDT465-1C or D engines. It does not get
very cold where I live, but on days of high teens-low 20's the trucks all
start about the same as when temps are in the 80's. During summer usually
they start with a bump of the starter, and on cold days it takes a complete
revelution or two before they fire up.
The intake manifold heater works by its basically building a fire in the
intake manifold. In fact it called by the TM (TM9-2815-210-34) a "flame
heater". This flame is ignited by a spark plug. The system from what I hear
is reliable and works well, although I have yet to need to use it.

It is my understanding that true glow plugs work like glorified toaster and
ether can melt the elements of these when it ignites, this of course causes
them to quit working, thus requiring the continued use of ether as the glow
system is no longer functional. This is what people refer to as ether
addiction. Of course, though we sometimes hate to admit it, these machines
are inanimate objects and can't really be addicted to anything (save perhaps
money), rather abuse just causes failure of components, leading to more abuse.

Hope this helps,

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