[MV] Re: Election/MVPA

Douglas Greville (dgrev@apollo.ruralnet.net.au)
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 09:02:22 +0930


> Now this is what I call the best answer to Jims problem with the MVPA
> Board I will be sending my dues and do the same as TIM and get new
> members to vote out this bunch who do not hold the best intrest of our
> hobby.They want to keep there jobs for some unknown reason maybe we
> can find this out.


I have just received my renewal notice and don't intend renewing after
roughly 10 years of membership.
Since the MVPA board can reject any applicant for a board position on
the "just because we don't like him" excuse, (I think it is termed
"for cause");

HOW are the members going to run alternate candidates?
Not being able to get your names on the ballot paper
as candidates pretty well defeats anything you want to do?

I own only armour and object highly to the "Jeep first, armour last"
official atitude of the MVPA board (as posted to this list). Last time I
looked, the whole Form 6 problem revolved around AFV's and other weapon
systems (Scud launchers etc), I think the current term is
SME (Significant Military Equipment) .
I thought we were all supposed to be members of an MV organisation.
It would seem there are different categories of membership, depending
on what you own? There was nothing on the membership form to say "if
you own armour you go to the bottom of the list".

If the MVPA mishandles, or doesn't do enough on this subject, start
worrying, because not long after, there will be another new law(s) and
that may be to do with ownership (rather than import) of any ex-MV.
This hobby needs savvy leadership and representation to survive, I
fear that the MVPA is not up to the job; their approach to handling
membership concerns does not bode well for their ability to deal
with the American government.

By the way, it has been quite a few months since I sent my emails to the
MVPA board (via the head office email address) I got an acknowledgment
from the office staff that these had been forwarded to the President and
that was the last I heard..........

So, if they can't be bothered communicating with me as a member (and
email is cheaper and quicker than letters) because someone in the MVPA
has decreed that email is not a valid form of communication then why
should I send my money? They or "he" may want to use this as a
convenient excuse to ignore members, but email is here to stay.

You can write all the open letters you like, but do the members actually
have the power to change anything? Further more, via Mil-Veh, you have
an audience of roughly 400 MVPA members out of something like 8500. That
is around 5%. The rest read "Supply Line" and "Army Motors": will your
open letter ever be printed in those publications?

I wish you luck.


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