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>I've found that both ether and ether/oil blends are often over used.
>Spraying a rag with ether or soaking the rag in gasoline (petrol) and putting
>that rag adjacent to the air intake works very well. Remember you are trying
>to get the engine started on it's proper fuel, NOT run it on the ether or
>gasoline fumes. Using a small amount of vapor will help make the necessary
>heat to ignite the diesel when it's injected.
>That horrible knocking is greatly diminished or eliminated entirely by the
>rag method. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sound advice from Stuart, its also worth bearing in mind that the engine and
ancillaries need to be in good order, poor valve seats, worn pistons and a tired
battery just wont cut it.

Cranking speeds are always very low compared to the idle revs and its important
that the diesel turns as fast as the starter can manage with good compressions,
combustion chamber glow plugs are sometimes wired in series or series/parallel,
failure of one will stop others/the rest from working. They don't last forever
as its a hard life in the combustion space.

Manifold heaters are normally supplied with LP spill-line fuel by various means
and intentionally light up a puddle of fuel in the manifold. The heating
element itself, by expansion, usually operates a needle valve to admit fuel,
worth checking to see that there are no faults or blockages here.

(Southampton UK)

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