Re: [MV] M-35A2 starting question

jonathon (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 19:24:02 -0500

>I've found that both ether and ether/oil blends are often over used.
>Spraying a rag with ether or soaking the rag in gasoline (petrol) and putting
>that rag adjacent to the air intake works very well.

Yes, you do not either a Diesel the way you either a gas engine. I
routinely either a freinds Diesel front end loader if the engine is not
warm. One quick squirt at the air cleaner from 3 feet away as you are
cranking is all that is needed. Anymore and you get those horrible noises
or worse you either lock the engine and it won't turn over.

>I also agree that if the engine in question has a manifold heater, any type
>of starting fluid would be totally inadvisable unless it could be introduced
>down stream of the heating element, which would be very difficult at best.

Same applies to glow plugs. If the glow plugs are active then never use either.


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