[MV] M-35A2 starting question

Paul Frederick (pfrederi@erols.com)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 21:00:10 -0400

Even at Ft Carson CO with sub Zero weather could usually get the M-35s
fired up. Assumind batteries could develop 30 seconds or so of

The pre heaters were all we used - no gas no ether One trick we learned
was to fire up the pre heater for 30 seconds or so then start cranking
after a few cranks relaese the preheater switch and they would fire up.
Wouldn't start if you kept the pre-heater on. Our theory was that the
open flame of the preheater burned off too much of the oxygen (Our motor
pool was just under 6,00ft) to let the diesel burn in the cylinders.

Biggest problem in the cold was teh fuel itself. We never seemed to get
winter diesel and teh stuff we got acted more like jello on the real
cold mornings. ( Periodic additions of Kerosene to the fuel may not
have been authorized but worked)

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