Re: [MV] Military Vehicles FOR SALE
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 08:04:04 EDT

Jim wrote:
>Is it must me, or has anyone else had no luck trying to get anything from Sam
>Werner? Heck, I usually can't even get someone to answer the phone. I was
>going to buy several M38A1 hulks a few years ago. I had transportation lined
>up and was ready to buy. I would always get an excuse why I couldn't get
>them....too wet, too cold, too late, etc.
>I've heard he has lots of Mity Mite parts too. I need an engine for mine. I
>just haven't bothered to try him based on my previous experience.

Hello Jim:
I have got stuff from Sam on a couple of occasions and find that he is
either away from the office or out of town somewhat frequently, so be patient
and keep trying; he will get back to you. If you fax your request in, he
will eventually respond. I have been to his place and he has a very large
supply of mitymite stuff as well as acres of parts etc. for other things
including 38A1's. Also several M37's, etc., etc.

Phil in Memphis

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