[MV] CES kit? - Ferret Mk 2/3

Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:45:13 EDT

Does anyone have the check off list of items contained in the CES kit?

I've got about 70% of it, but would like it complete, especially type and
amount of ammo carried and crew weapons. (We're using the Browning 1919A-4)

We are making up a poster, detailing those items typically carried on the
Ferret for a display at our next show... 4 days long, ending on Nov. 11th,
Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada). The Ferret will be center stage at
the mall, a huge place. (Yes, I will have MVPA fliers to hand out!)

Naturally, when we heard we invited, we were honored. We're sharing space
with a rare POW display, hosted by the local vets. So I would like to do
right by our hosts and give them a good display... detailing the CES
equipment would certainly help. As you read down the CES list of what it
takes to kit up a scout vehicle, you get an idea of the hardships and risks
involved. This is more important than the fact we have a British vehicle
being shown at an American vets display. Still seems appropriate though, as
we've been allies and shared risks and hardships to the point their is such a
genuine, deep respect and affection for the British in the US.

Any info on the CES kit will be much appreciated. Jack Lee

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