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Subject: [MV] CES kit? - Ferret Mk 2/3

>Does anyone have the check off list of items contained in the CES kit?
>I've got about 70% of it, but would like it complete, especially type and
>amount of ammo carried and crew weapons. (We're using the Browning 1919A-4)

The MoD CES list for Mk1 and Mk2 vehicles (1969), which does not include items
of personal kit for the crew or their weapons shows:

Mechanics tools:-
Adjustable spanner.
Grease gun.
Keys for engine cover, flywheel plug and drain plugs.
Oil cans, pint (imp) and 1 quart (imp) capacities.
Oil injector.
Open ended spanners (7).
Spark plug spanner.
Tommy bar.
Tool bag.
Wheel nut spanner.
4 Ton hydraulic jack and handle.

Pioneer tools:-
Matchet sheath.
Pickaxe head.
Pickaxe helve. (carried separately)
Wire cutters.

Drivers and Crew equipment:-
Anti-dim compound.
Glass screens for observation ports.
Inspection lamp.
Removable windshield and windshield wiper assembly.

Other equipment:-
Canvas bucket.
Cleaning brushes. (2)
Cooking pots.
Foot pump.
Funnel for fuel filler.
Padlocks (for stowage bins, engine covers and turret hatch.
Plastic water container.
Portable cooker.
Sand channels/trench crossing channels. (2)
Starting handle.
Strap (for pots and cookers)
Tow rope/recovery chain.
Tyre pressure gauge.

Weapons equipment:-
Case for signal pistol.
Signal (Very) pistol.
Tools and spares for .30 cal Browning.

Additional items:-
First aid kits (2)
Camouflage net.
CTC, BCF or water type fire extinguishers (at least 5)
Vessel, boiling, electric. (kettle)
Map case.
Radio antenna case.
Vacuum (thermos) flasks (2)

(Southampton UK)

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