[MV] WC12 Parts For Sale

OConnor, Dennis (DOconnor@SIKORSKY.COM)
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:56:23 -0400

Hi List,
The herculean task of cleaning the barn continues and we've turned up a
bunch of WC12/13 parts that will definitely be surplus. We are putting the
"keeper" parts back on the project truck (finally) and assembling the parts
truck as we find pieces that fit that beast too. Then there are all the
other parts that don't have a home and would like to come to your homes. The
parts truck could leave anytime too if someone's interested but be warned -
the frame is NO GOOD, it's bent and crossmembers are rotted but hey it
connects all the parts into a truck shaped obect. It will be as complete as
we can make it but will have a civilian cab and bed, the rest is military.
The rest of the stuff is odds and ends from a dismantled parts truck.
I know we DON'T have a tailgate or windshield frame surplus and
would trade for better than we have. Prices negotiable, will seperate the
parts truck for interested folks, sell the whole lot at once, You
know....anything to get this stuff gone and raise a few bucks to spend on
more OD stuff. Stuff located a few miles north of Danbury, Connecticut, USA.
(easiest to find on map, at border with New York). Since I don't have a list
yet let me know what you need, or might be interested in, and I'll see if we
have one (or more) and what dad wants for it and then talk about making it
yours. Will trade for GPW/MB parts of almost any description as long as
they're useful, NDT's for the Dodge, what have you got? Even if we haven't
declared something surplus yet, because we haven't gotten to it, I'll keep
the contact info and let you know if one turns up. Contact me by email to
doconnor@sikorsky.com or phone 203-729-9223 before 9PM EST and leave message
on the machine or try weekends. (Email is easiest way to get me)

Best Regards,
Dennis O'Connor

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