Re: [MV] CES kit? - Ferret Mk 2/3

jim gilmore (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 13:50:29 -0500

Lee wrote;
>Does anyone have the check off list of items contained in the CES kit?
>I've got about 70% of it, but would like it complete, especially type and
>amount of ammo carried and crew weapons. (We're using the Browning 1919A-4)

The CES should be listed in the back of your driver's manual. The
equipment carried will vary with the model of the Ferret, using service and
country, type of armament, location used and time period. My "Fieldmouse
MK - 1" being Canadian, has both the Bren gun mountings and the Browning
mounts. Depending on the time period, British Ferrets may have used Bren
gun (.303 or 7.62 in Mk1 and 1/2), 1919 Browning or GPMG main gun with a
Sten or Sterling smg located behind the commander. Some Ferrets had
mountings for L1-A1 (SLR) .7.62 cal rifles inside.
If you or other Ferret owners on the list need the CES stowage
drawings for the MK-2 (circa 1960's) E-mail me off list with your fax
number and I'll fax you the drawings. If you are fax challenged send me a
Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope and I'll mail you same.

PS........Only 8,950 of those FREE military junior oil filter bolt gaskets

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