[MV] MB Mirrors

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:13:27 EDT

I m of the opinion that ANYTHING, made in the same era, or before as the
vehicle in question, is a plausible addition.....YOU want a mirror on the
other side, if this were 1944 AND you wanted a mirror there, you'd have
stolen one (from can. yard, captured equipment, some one elses truck, Jeep
etc) and mounted it. It could have been 1943 GMC, 41 Ford, even 1938 Packard
mirror. (It could NOT have been 1946 Chevy, etc., if you get my meaning) You
would not have looked in book to see if it was "correct". Likewise for
weapon, tow chain, rope, saw....whatever the GI saw and thought would make
his life easier.
Of course, if you are going for the "factory" look, you probably shouldn't
even be driving it as there will be unneccesary wear. Also for true factory
look, vehicle shouldn't have unit markings, side arm weapons, etc. (as these
were added by gov.)
I have a 1955 M62 wrecker that has all kinds of nifty "additions" that IH did
NOT install, but some GI did, and yes I've had people say "this n such is not
correct", I just smile and tell them to discuss that with whatever GI or army
motor pool mechanic added it.

My .02,
David Doyle

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