[MV] Temperature Sensor on MB/GPWs

Brown, Herb (BRown@ida.org)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 08:59:43 -0400

I have been working on my 1945 MB for a number of years and just now getting
to the engine. The engine hasn't been operational in over 10 years.

A past owner had installed a pipe fitting and a pipe "Tee" in the engine
head where the bulb of the temperature indicator is installed. I suspect
this was intended to accommodate a heater?

In my rebuilding process, I attempted to get the pipe fitting out using lots
of liquid wrench. However, the pipe fitting (nipple) sheared off. I plan
to take it to a machine shop, and have it to drilled out and retaped or if
necessary get a heli-coil (spelling?) installed.

Before I do this, I wanted to know the proper thread size for this sensor
fitting in the head. Unfortunately, I do not know if the current tubing and
bulb on the temperature indicator I have is standard. It is quite possible
that some things were modified. -- I have two questions?

1) Anyone out there know the proper thread size?

2) Also, the temperature indicator glass is cracked, and status of tubing
and bulb are very questionable. Is there someone that rebuilds these, or is
it better to buy a replacement?

Thanks in advance!

Herbert Brown
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