[MV] DRMO serial# & Data plate VIN number problem

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:29:55 EDT

This is a VIN number registration/verification problem. I am unable to
locate VIN numbers under rear axle/wheel/frame area...there is a long number
(no letters) at back of engine block but believe it may just be part number
as there is also one on the manifold (different number)...The officer who
came out to verify the numbers wouldn't take the DRMO serial number from the
paperwork which also matched serial number on dash data plate...Doubt if DMV
will do any better...last time I had to do this for a homebuilt trailer..DMV
employee.was a high school aged gal who wouldn't have known a vehicle hauler
from a 101 trailer...has anyone had experience registering VIN from DRMO
paperwork or data plate #? Thanks for your responses...Sandy

MVPA # 18798
"52 Navy Dodge Power Wagon
'69 Kaiser M715
"56 Dodge M37

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