[MV] Signal corps tuner

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 10:28:13 EDT

Hi listers! I recieved 2 items, and was wondering if anyone could tell me
what I have.
(I already have a hunch what they are.....) These are tuning units from the
Army Signal corps. I have scanned a picture of them if you want. The
information on the case states the following.
Signal Corps U.S.Army
Tuning unit BC-746-A
8 serial no.
made by Galvin MFG.Corp.
Frequency KC-3525.0 order no.
24346 Phila-43
This thing is about the size of a small camera, I have 2. One unit is missing
it's case. Is there any interest in something like this????
Thanks in advance,

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