Re: [MV] Temperature Sensor on MB/GPWs

jonathon (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:26:25 -0500

>In my rebuilding process, I attempted to get the pipe fitting out using lots
>of liquid wrench. However, the pipe fitting (nipple) sheared off. I plan
>to take it to a machine shop, and have it to drilled out and retaped or if
>necessary get a heli-coil (spelling?) installed.

You shouldn't have to RE-tap just chase it (clean up the thread). There are
things you can try, like heating up the pipe part red then using an internal
pipe wrench. They actually are not that expensive. Or you can poke a die
grinder or Dremel tool in there and gouge out a groove so as to releive the
pressure from the tapered thread, just don't go into the thread else you
will need to use a good thread sealer, which isn't a bad idea anyway. I
don't know if Helicoils even exist for NPT, I doubt it as I would think
sealing somthing like that would not be possible, but maybe I'm wrong. If
your indoubt, like you said go to machine shop, that's we're there for.

>1) Anyone out there know the proper thread size?

I'm 99% sure it's 1/2"NPT

>2) Also, the temperature indicator glass is cracked, and status of tubing
>and bulb are very questionable. Is there someone that rebuilds these, or is
>it better to buy a replacement?

Funny you should ask. I just last week got a gauge back from a gauge
repair guy in TN. He specialises in automotive gauges and clocks. My
application was a special industrial pressure gauge but he did a fine job
with it anyway. The place is called:

Red Line Gauge and Clock Repair
469 Windy City Road
Humboldt, TN 38343

Good Luck,


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