[MV] MVs for sale

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:18:33 EDT

Got a call today from a fellow by the name of Andy. He lives up in northern
New Jersey and he has two mil-trucks for sale. I can't handle them right
now, but I did offer to post them.
1969 Mack M123A1C 6X6 10 ton with a fifth wheel. Bad crankshaft, but
another engine is included in the deal. He claims 13677 actual miles on it.
Has 10- 14x24" Tires. Fed. Stock # FS2320-226-608100

1945 Dodge ambulance - no radiator - says it runs.

He's open to offers. Call him at: 908-874-3110 Pager: 973-608-8761
No use e-mailing me because I don't know anything about these. He did
express an urgency to get them sold and out of where thay are parked.
Joe Young

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