[MV] Grease Guns for WW2 Jeeps

F. Brian Mead (brian@hardscrabblefarm.com)
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:26:35 -0400

Howdy list,
Here is the link to a photo of three grease guns I have. Do any of
you know which one is "most" correct for a MB. I think I should have
the hood mounted gun since my MB was made 7-27-1944 (at least that's the
date on the dataplate I got with the jeep), but I can't justify spending
the +$80 for the mount right now. Not to mention, I don't know where to
get the late war lever grease gun. BTW, in a photo of my jeep just
after "rescue" from the hunting camp, you can definitely see the hood
mount for the grease gun, the previous owner didn't put it on when he
replaced the hood.

Brian Mead
1944 MB
194? GPW
1984 M1009 (in about one or two weeks) =^)


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