[MV] Brake Fluid, etc.

T. Hintopoulos (hint@northnet.org)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 14:47:18

I've gone to Silicone, DOT5 on all my hydralic brake jobs.

I had to revisit one job, (in 7 years). A small leak at a wheel cylinder.
The removed cup looked otherwise OK. The cylinder
inside looked great. Just gave the cylinder a light hone and new cups.

As a suggestion, sealing the master cylinder end.

I'll us as an example the M715. I've long since gone to a split
braking system, front + rear. The master cylinder I used comes
with the older (70s-80s) cover with the twin rubber diaphragms.

The original master cylinder vents to the atmosphere. With this type
of setup, I have constructed a container, out of 2" PVC vent components,
with a flexible diaphram in place of the vent poppet valve.
Joined to the master with an appropriate hose.
Oh, I placed a small bag of desiccant for overkill.

These diaphragms are necessary to allow for the fluid volume change
at the master when they are activated.

Both these cases help minimize moisture entry, at least from the master
cylinder end.

I also recommend gentle bleeding (oh those bubbles) via suction and
placing the rebuild parts in the brake fluid for a week,
just to see if there is any swelling.

Just an idea. (I did paint the PVC OD)

Darrel, where can I get a copy of that brake article?


Ted H.

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