Re: [MV] DRMO Auctions--The End?????
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 23:28:41 +0000

I predict it is just a phase that they are going
through, brought on by Al Gores reinvention of
government. Everyone who has been doing buisness with
DRMS for a while will remember the ADT sales, retail
sales, and all the other goofy things that they have
done over the years, none of them seem to last. The best
way to get this program ended that I see will be a new
political party in control of the White House( I hope
Libertarian, but will settle for Republican or Reform).
Al Gores reinvention of surplus sales is also one of the
reasons that so much stuff is given away instead of
being sold. The way DRMS currently does its math if a
truck is sold for $3000 then they get credit for
bringing in $3000. But if they give that same truck away
to some local government or non-profit group they credit
themselves with having saved the government the purchase
price of a new truck, say $20,000, and show a $20,000
credit on the books. That is why most DRMO's love to see
things given away rather than sold.

Tim Glance
Clyde NC

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