Re: [MV] towing recommendations according to TM for m38

David (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 21:55:47 -0400

TM 9-8014.... reproduced and available from Portrayal Press, PO Box
1190, Andover, NJ 07821 USA (about $25 +/-)

Chapter 2, Section III, paragraph 52, subsection c. subparagraph 1a.
states briefly that both tranny and t-case should be placed in neutral
when 4 wheel towing. I believe slightly different recommendations came
from this list stating that the t-case should be in neutral and the
tranny in gear. This way the oil is still circulated in the t-case, but
the tranny will not turn. (I will be flat towing an M38A1 monday about
20 miles using this method)

one foot note on flat towing vehicles with Ross cam and lever type
steering: flat towing accelerates the wear of the steering mechanism.
Long distance or repeated towing should be avoided.


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