Re: [MV] Bridges

jonathon (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 21:38:48 -0500

>Does anyone know about a complete, original WWII US
>military pontoon bridge in the hands of a private collector ?
>Perhaps various collectors have components adding up
>to a complete bridge ?

A friends grandfather (now 96) bought a bunch of these large rubber rafts,
if you can call them that. They were part of a bridge he said, maybe what
your describing. He bought them surplus in the 50's and used them to float
dump trucks and tractors across a lake before there was a road into his
place. Unfortunetly, after that, they were left folded up outside in the
sun. We burned, oops I didn't say burn, ahhhh, lets say we disposed of
them, several years ago as the rubber was rotten and falling apart. We did
save the brass (I think they were brass??) filler fittings. And we found a
bunch of threaded wood 'carrots' that we found out came with the rafts which
were to be screwed into a hole, I assume bullet holes! I did save one patch
of the rubber which had the mil data stenciled on it.

Good luck.


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