Re: [MV] Bridges

Geoff Winnington-Ball (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 22:23:54 -0400

How about a Class 5 Bailey Bridge? Anyone? There's an original northeast
of Toronto, but dammitall, it's still being used as a bridge... :-)


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Lars-Uwe Rudek wrote: > Does anyone know about a complete, original WWII US > military pontoon bridge in the hands of a private collector ? > Perhaps various collectors have components adding up > to a complete bridge ? > Is anyone aware of something like that is on offer ? > It has to be of WWII vintage or at least design ! > > Our group came up with the "funny" idea to make it > part of a MV event / camp one day...the idea was > rejected as too ambitious and too hard to organize... > > But I just wonder if it really would be too complicated > and if the thing is available somewere...or if it might > has been done already somewhere some time....

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