[MV] m38a1's & command car for sale

Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:52:59 EDT

A collector in Carefree, AZ(25 miles N of Phx) is selling off his collection
consisting of 2 M38A1's with trailers, complete and restored in every detail.
I saw these 2 weeks ago, they are stored in an aircraft hangar, and they
appear to be in better
condition than Uncle Sam kept them. They are not lacking in any detail or in
any areas of restoration. Selling price is not set yet but is in the $10,000
each range.

Also a Dodge Command Car that was a winner in a recent international show
competition. It is also complete in every detail to include a NOS engine
installed in the unit. Again selling price is not set yet but will be in the
low $20,000 area.

I will have pictures scanned in a week or two and will post to the list.

Please contact Don Parks, 480-488-2654 voice or 480-488-4264 fax

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