Re: [MV] Bridges
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:01:25 EDT

There are two similar but different terms that should be noted "ponton" and
"pontoon"... That much I know for a fact, now from memory of talking to army
engineer types, the rubber floats are pontons, and the rigid (wood, metal
etc) are pontoons.

Don't know about WWII bridging ops, but as I collect M series engineer
equipment, I assume the WWII ops similar to postwar. This is something to
think about.....
This info from FM5-1(July 1971), which is the TOE of engineer ops....An
Engineer Float Bridge Company consisted of (and I am omitting some things so
I don't type all day!):
qty type ex
2 3/4 toncargo trucks (M-37?)
37 2 1/2 ton cargo trucks (M35A2)
2 5 ton cargo truck (M54)
60 5 ton bridge truck (M328 alias M139)
1 5 ton tractor (M52)
1 10 ton tractor (M123A1C)
8 1/4 ton utility (M151)
1 5 ton wrecker (M62 or M543) (for handling bridge
sections as well as vehicle recovery)
1 compressed air facility
220 enlisted men
7 officers
1 warrant officer

Although seeing this unit pass in convoy must have been quite a sight (and
sound, with all the 6602 Continentals in the 5 tons!), replicating this on
even a small scale I think would be quite a challenge.

Good luck,
David Doyle

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