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Juho Paaso (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 19:51:27 +0300

"Keith, Steve" wrote:

> Bailey: Erector set like bridging set for spanning short distances

Yeah I've seen a bunch of those. Though it all 'appened back in the
early to mid eighties. One of the most prominent brigdes that my dad
actually called "bailey bridge" (I was about 10 yrs then) , was located
in northern Israel crossing the Jordan River. It was on the road that
goes around the sea of Galilee just north of it. The road continues on
to northern Israel, Mt. Hermon, UNDOF, Quneitra etc. I'm not sure if the
one in question was an actual Bailey bridge but it sounds like one and
dad called it that. I cannot say for sure wherther it was a single or
double lane. All I can remember is that If there was a large truck
coming from the opposite direction then one had to wait fro ones turn.
In the case of two small cars it was a tight fit but passable. (I think
it was single).

There were a bunch of others that I vaguely remeber and they all were in
regular use. Is anyone on the list located in the area mentioned ? I'd
love to hear from there, essentially I grew up in Israel and I sort of
regard it as one of my 'childhood homes'.
To remain more so on topic: From all I remember Israel was a wonderful
storehouse of old MV's in and out of active use (1980-1984).


Juho Paaso
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