[MV] Mules and mil-vehs 4 sale

Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:50:24 EDT

If you are interested in buying ex-mil Landrovers and the French version of
the Mule I have a great contact for you. (If you've not seen one before it
looks like something Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha might have made for off road 4
wheeling or farm use, but with V/W sized wheels)

The web site http://PDPIX.com is new and it is still under construction. An
e-mail link and some minor things still to be fixed. Sorry for
inconvienance, but least you can see a pic of the SUMB and the military

Its owner is Paul Donovan - located in the UK. Paul is a friend of mine and
we are collaborating at trying to import some vehicles for friends in our
Mil-veh circle. Neither one of us are in the business of being mil-veh
importers, except Paul just applied for and received his export license.
However, he does have good access to both French and English mil-vehs and has
a great personal interest in them as a hobby.

FYI: Paul has owned an Abbott gun carrier, couple of Ferrets and presently he
owns a SUMB ( As do I, thanks to him! Pretty cool 4X4 truck too). For the
time being feel free to E-MAIL me with questions and I will try to get back
to you in 24 hours.
Thanks. Jack Lee (Sunny California) LeeNcalif@aol.com

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