Re: [MV] WWII Jeep Trailer on ebay

D Paradise (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 16:48:48 GMT


I just got an e-mail from the owner of this quasi-WWII Trailer and this guy
is a fake or needs a history lesson. I was taught that WWII ended in

Here is the info he sent me............apearently it's an original 1966 WWII

Serial No. 2330-706-5495 ¼ Ton 2’Wide, M416 Manufactured by Johnson
Furnace Co. 421 Monroe St. Bellevue Ohio MFR SER NO 0530 MFG Part NO
8736a302 Yr. MFD 1966 Model M416 Contract No D.A.-20-113 AMC 08753(t)
Publications Parts List 873602 Tech Manual 9-2330-251-14P Lub Order
Lo9-2330-257-12 Delivery Date Inspection Aug - 1966 Aug - 1966

>Subject: [MV] WWII Jeep Trailer on ebay

>Noticed item #182803150 "Jeep Ammunition Trailer - WWII Vintage" for sale
>ebay. No bids yet, starting at $50, located in California. Search under
>"WWII Jeep". Too far from Alabama to be interested, but a lot of the list
>members appear to be in California. Good Luck, Tom Campbell - Birmingham,

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