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...I just got an e-mail from the owner of this quasi-WWII Trailer and this
is a fake or needs a history lesson.
******* Well the seller sounds like he needs the history lesson. A fake
would hide the date or destroy the data plate or put a replica WWII one on.

I was taught that WWII ended in 1945!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
******** Yes and no. As you may recall some Japanese soldiers carried on the
war for many more years in the jungle. The Soviet Union declared war on
Japan in 1945 shortly before Japan surrended to the Allies so that the USSR
would have an excuse to seize some islands etc. BUT Japan and the Soviet
Union did NOT sign any peace treaty for many years (I'm not even sure if
they have yet) so remained technically "at war" for decades. It is as if
most of the players went home when the referee blew the whistle at the 'end'
of the football game, but some players from both sides remained on the
field, with some of them actually still playing.

Here is the info he sent me............apearently it's an original 1966 WWII
Serial No. 2330-706-5495 ¼ Ton 2’Wide, M416 Manufactured by Johnson
Furnace Co. 421 Monroe St. Bellevue Ohio MFR SER NO 0530 MFG Part NO
8736a302 Yr. MFD 1966 Model M416 Contract No D.A.-20-113 AMC 08753(t)
Publications Parts List 873602 Tech Manual 9-2330-251-14P Lub Order
Lo9-2330-257-12 Delivery Date Inspection Aug - 1966 Aug - 1966

********* Agreed it is a Vietnam War era trailer. Value US$300-800 approx if
in good or better original condition. and depending on buyer. M416 was for
M151 family MUTT and has "squared" fenders, not round like WWII & Korean War
era trailers.

******* Buyer beware !
***** Cheers!

Colin Macgregor Stevens
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Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada
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