[MV] WTB: PP-1711/GRC-14 pwr supply +

Paul Thekan (Paul.Thekan@eimac.cpii.com)
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 14:10:01 -0700

Hello All

I recently picked up the T 631 xmtr which is p/o the GRC 14
radio set that when mounted into the M38A1 is the MRC-55 . I am looking for
the power supply for the xmtr which is the PP-1711. The supply weighs in at
, according to the manual , at a whopping 280 pounds....yikes! The xmtr is
no lite weight either at 160 pounds. My sore back will attest to that.
Would like to locate the vehicle mounts as well . They are MT-1833 for the
radios and MT-1832 for the power supply. I'd like to try and get this set
together and mounted in my M38A1 jeep someday.
The radio was used by the Navy/ Marines. It's a late 50's set.

Thanks for the help

Paul N6FEG

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