Re: [MV] WWII Jeep Trailer on ebay

islander (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 17:11:03 -0400

>Now the MV related question: When WW2 is was never officially finished,
>is the German Wehrmacht still owner of my Kettenkrad? They never sold it!
>Best regards from the Britsh Zone of Germany

Hehe... it is war booty. Please do the right thing and hand your pride
and joy over to the first guy with a funny accent <g>. Then again, if
you want to drive it on down to the American Zone, I would be more than
happy to fly over there and take it off your hands!

Steve (whose father inlaw is VERY British and dreams of someday owning a
Kettenkrad to race his Weasel<g>)

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