[MV] WTB M38A1 parts- and questions

Sat, 23 Oct 1999 20:19:43 EDT

Hey everybody,
I still need to find an M38A1 starter - the only part I really need is
the front housing, so I'm more interested in a burned up one, but will
consider a good one if I have to. Who's got master cylinders? Also, due to
one of my routine computer "deaths" I lost the email from the guy who had
M38A1 generator bushings for sale, too...sigh.
Bravo Zulu to Rick Murdock of Purcellville for an old set of M38A1 plug wires
he threw my way, that's what makes this hobby worthwhile, the people we all
get to meet. Thanks Rick.
Question: doesn't the M38A1 fuel pump look exactly like the M37 pump, isn't
it a double action type? Is it the SAME pump?
Can't resist putting in my two cents worth about MVPA and the latest things
being written -
I think that there is enough going on in the MVPA that sounds fishy and
underhanded that they need reform through the rank and file taking charge,
but there is nothing abnormal about them protecting themselves from outside
attacks and not sponsoring the attackers. On the other hand, if John is a
member of MVPA (I am not) then as a member he deserves the use of the website
whether he complains OR NOT. And it would also then be irrelevant if he
reciprocates with a link or not, too. That's just plain business sense to
me. As a test John, you could put a link to mvpa on your site, and then
resubmit your request and see what happens for amusement's sake.
Saaaaaay - did you notice that they commented about their reasons to John
concerning their site, but are conspicuously silent any other time you try to
reach them? Especially if it concerns our friend Jim Gilmore?
They have failed to respond to me in my quest for knowledge, more than once.
OK, help me out with this darn 38A1 before the snow falls!
Thanks all, Mike Sommer mike in VA

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