[MV] It's a club, not a battle ground

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Well folks, I am surprised that this issue is even remotely shocking
people right now. I thought for a while that some of the leaders of the
MVPA were just upset with Jim and didn't want to have him on the board. Now
we are seeing fall-out from the people upset with them being upset. My
fraternity has been dealing with the same petty junk in the form of a
dismissal of our executive director. The only thing I can say about both
these situations is that we have some people in power who are acting like
children. astory.com is a good site and I enjoy visiting it. I am a member
of the MVPA. I enjoy being a member. What I don't enjoy is the bigwigs up
on the top messing with the organization when they see someone playing in
their sandbox. Grow up folks, these are vehicles we are talking about, not
the end of the world. Links are hard enough to come by without ones being
removed because you had your feelings hurt. Roll with the punches, boys.

Being realistic,

John Edwards
Happy member of the MVPA
'53 M38A1

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The Son of God; or else a madman
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You can shut Him up for a fool,
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and kill Him as a demon,
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-- C.S. Lewis
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>>From: Jerry Cleveland <zephyr@qadas.com>
>>> Dear Mr. Reese;
>>> We elected to drop The American Story, Inc. from our list of Internet
>>> links because of public remarks by your associate, John Seidts.
>>> Among other things, his statements included: "The MVPA has had a long
>>> standing tradition of problems or 'trouble at the top,' which have left
>>> it little more than an old men's marching and chowder club with a very
>>> elitist method of approaching its membership," and "I don't know how
>>> you've been in the MVPA, but the old MVCC was like this back in the
>>> 1980's. It was bad news then, and is bad news today."
>Ok, two problems here.
>#1) the quotes above was presumably from a mil-veh post presumably posted
>John Seidts. This is NOT a public statement. This is a statement by one
>member of a private BS club to the rest of the people who happened to be
>standing close enough to hear him (figuratively speaking). This is not
>print or broadcast media, this is not a letter to the editor, this is a
>private club.
> #2) Again I point out (as I have made this statement in the past) that
>this list, as well as all listervs and usenet, are for the benifit of the
>participants only. I am bothered by the MVPA eavsdropping in on our little
>round table chit chat, recording said chit chat, then using it against
>someone or more people when they do not nor have they ever PARTICIPATED in
>what is going on here.
>I'm an old man, internet speaking (1985), and maybe my opintions are
>by many years of involvement with usenet, listservs. email, etc. Maybe you
>young'ns don't see the problem or aren't bothered by it, if your not, maybe
>you need to think about what the 'old world' equivelant to the internet and
>everything that goes on withinit are. A listserv, like mil-veh, is a bunch
>of people standing around in the parking lot of a car show shooting the
>breese in various little groupies about whatever topic comes up, related to
>military vehicles. Nobody is stating anything for the record, there are no
>reporters or cameras, nobody is making official statements, it's just talk.
>Some of it's true, some isn't, some of it is opinion and some is fact, some
>people are happy about it, some get angry, but it's just talk. That is all.
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