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Ron (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 09:55:10 -0400

Hi David and list:
I can see Davids view in this but there is a BIG difference
between Daves store and the MVPA:

1) Dave owns his store and can function as he wishes in regards to
dealing with the public ( and stays within the various restrictive laws
about discrimination for whatever the P.O.'d party decides to file a
The MVPA is owned by the dues paying membership and its board is
"elected" to represent the memberships wishes. Saying the board can boot a
link of a member because it doesn't care for a members contrary opinion is
like Clinton having the FCC pull NBCs license for covering the kneepad
2) We (the various members of the MVPA who are here on mil-veh list)
have discussions pertaining to MVPA in all forms, do so because the MVPA
does not have its own server and a members only list to pass info back and
forth. Our laundry is aired in public--- but whoops fault is that?
I only have had contact with the Admin. Staff at MVPA HQ who have been
unfailingly helpful , courteous and efficient. I have been to two major
rallies this summer ( B&G MVT in Aberdeen, MD in May and MVMVC in Weare,
NH in July) but did not see an MVPA tent or board member where ,at either,
"we, the great unwashed" could talk to them. I was unable to travel to
California or PA to meet my "representatives" and have been an MVPA member
for less than 2 years, so I guess you could say its my fault , not theirs.
However, if the Board publishes or acknowledges only its view or side
of things and ignores what goes own here, well shame on them.
3) The MVPA site should have our bylaws on " OUR" web page and should
have an at least weekly Board comments page to put out these brush fires
that crop up. Since they don't have such a section , we, the membership turn
here to mil-veh.
4) Someone out there has a tag line about " He who owns the printing
presses...." Now it should be " He who owns the site..." . The list and
Arthur were correct in going for donations to operate mil-veh@ to keep it
unbiased as opposed to my suggestion to the MVPA that " we " support it.
I could go on but you folks get my drift. Politicians get elected by
the publics perception of them as presented by the media, a.k.a. Clinton,
Kennedy and others. The Internet is the media for the MVPA. The Board must
respond to these problems or the membership starts to get their impressions
of our leadership from the posters only, and may draw totally erroneous
conclusions of the Board from some unwarranted attacks or misunderstood
actions taken by them. Or maybe not so unwarranted.... The ball is in their
court. And my soapbox is starting to smoke....

Regards, Ron MVPA 18999


PS I'm not really a drooling Idiot, I just turn into one when I get in
reach of a keyboard....

PPS also in the past couple of months I've gotten a couple of "singers"
about my incorrect use of 's for indicating possession of things such as "
Dave's store". So in this one we dropped the ' . And spell check is saying
I'm wrong. Is there a real English expert out there ( Not as in UK guys)
for a ruling. Let the flames begin.

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reminds me of an experience I've had here in my hobby shop
> Hence, I think that people are free to hold, and state any view they
may have
> about the MVPA, or its leadership, however I feel it is also reasonable
> the MVPA, or its leadership, not to promote contact with individuals or
> organizations that they feel do not promote the MVPA. Likewise, if one
> doesn't believe that the MVPA is a worthwhile club they shouldn't feel
> compelled to join or promote it.
> Regards,
> David Doyle
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