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> Pardon my learning curve, but I'm working on it. Q #1: What
>voltage is used in the Ferret? Are there electrical voltage differences
>between the various Mk versions (I've already learned about the 2-speed
24V throughout. (NATO standard)


The two-speed generator can be troublesome and many were service retro-modified
with the standard mil 90A alternator and control panel. The intention was to
provide some reasonable battery charge whilst moving very slowly in the designed
reconnaissance role.

The two-speed generator has a gearbox fed from a restricted engine supply,
whilst standing the gearbox can drain and it may take some time to re-establish
a supply.

Q #2: Anyone aware of a MVPA or similar military vehicle
>event in the Pacific Northwest?

>Ian Wallace, new MVPA member in Seattle (Burien), WA
>Future Ferret Handler
Beware of their teeth.

Ferretą - noun. Half tamed variety or species of pole-cat kept for driving
rabbits from burrows, killing rats, etc.
Searcher, detective.

Ferret˛. v. 1. v.i. Hunt with Ferrets (go Ferreting). Rummage, search about

Ferretł. n. Stout cotton or silk tape.

Ferret (4) n. FV700 series MV. Car, scout, 4 x 4, reconnaissance/liaison.

(Southampton UK)

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