Re: [MV] Bridges
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 23:54:38 +0000

My Army reserve unit assembled a Naval Bailey bridge at
Sweetwater State Park just outside Atlanta last summer.
I am not sure if they plan to allow vehicles on it or
just foot traffic, but it would make a nice picture with
a restored MV. It crosses a span of about 175 feet.
Anyone out there in the Atlanta area want to check on
this for us?

Putting it up was an experience in itself. We had one
obsolete Naval Bailey(plus lots of parts for other
bridges thrown in), no TM's of any sort, and a bunch of
12B's that had not put up a bridge since AIT(And had
never seen a Naval Bailey). It took us 3 days to figure
out exactly how it worked and 2 to put it up.

Tim Glance
Clyde, NC

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