Re: [MV] DRMO Auctions--The End?????

Dave Cole (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 20:39:47 -0500

I think that there are some big problems with a single middleman coming
into the fold.

First, some of the equipment being sold is not easily transported. IE 5
tons at $5K each aren't going to be remarketed a long distance from the
DRMO's. That means that this company would have to setup shops near the
DRMO's to resell the stuff that the DRMO's would turn over to them. In
effect they would be privatizing the DRMO itself, but not quite. So what
value would this middleman provide to the DRMO that the DRMO itself
cannot supply? I don't see a whole lot there. The market for the bulk
of what the DRMO sells is not that good that it will support another
middleman. Humvees are a different story, but the market for 2 1/2 and 5
ton trucks is not that good. If it was, they would be going for a lot
more money than they are. How much surplus kitchen equipment can
Colemans sell? I personally don't think it is going to be a big seller
on Ebay. If you were running a restaurant operation would you buy your
commercial gear on Ebay? I wouldn't without first being able to look at
it. Commodity stuff where the value is well known seems to go well on
ebay. Items subject to a lot of wear and tear that you can't see first
hand before buying don't seem to go that well.

I think that the DRMO concept is the right idea to move what they have.
They help load the trucks (sometime) and the stuff is removed without
significant cost to the gov.


On Thu, 21 Oct 1999 13:10:55 EDT writes:
>Unless i'm mistaken, the folks doing the auction get the lion's share
>of any profits, it ain't exactly our tax dollars at work, since the
>drmo/drms system has been getting better, and the money going to the
>system has increased, generally. I don't want to pay a middleman for
>something that the govt could do themselves. ask the drms personnel
>if you want a firsthand opinion of the new system. I did, and it was
>enlightening, to say the least. mike in va
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