[MV] M59 APC tent questions

Lonn and Rhonda (hoops@owt.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:54:12 -0700

I'm back with more questions!

I just bought the above sight unseen, and it won't be delivered for about a
week. It is described as attaching to the back of an M59, and is about 8'
by 17', and comes with poles. The seller, a local supplier, indicates that
it would be perfect for hooking to the back of your pickup camper, or to
extend the living space of your camp trailer. I intend to use it off the
back of my '67 Land Rover. The tent is 120 lbs. without the poles. Now I'm
starting to wonder about it.

Does it have a waterproof floor? Are the poles set up internally or
externally? Am I going to be able to erect this beast without help? They
indicated that the mess screens are not included. Do they zip in or were
they sewn in? Does this tent require the vehicle for structural stability
or can I drive away and leave the tent standing?

As you can see, I didn't ask too many questions and am now wondering if I
may come to regret this decision. I hope not, because I think this tent
will look great off the back of my ex-mil Land Rover.


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